What the service does and who it is for

The service is aimed at international students, including Erasmus, International Students for a Short Period (for a semester or an exchange) and International Students for a Long Period (students enrolled in international BSc or MSc courses). Students who identify themselves as needing psychological support (for short-term onset or enduring conditions), for a specific (e.g. difficulties adapting to new life conditions/environment, low self-esteem, poor emotion regulation skills) or broader (e.g. feeling insecure, confused, difficulty making decisions, especially at the end of their courses) problem and/or suffering from interpersonal difficulties/conflicts can refer themselves to the service.

Methods of intervention

The clinical sessions include assessments, administration of standardised questionnaires and individual and/or group therapy. If the outcome of the assessment suggests that the individual's psychological needs might be better addressed by a different service, then they will be referred to those services.